Florence and Fortitude is the manifesto label of sister duo, both former lawyers, encapsulating the juxtaposition of gentle strength and classic modernity for effortless, elevated style.

Having spent their formative years surrounded by fashion and style in their family’s mini luxury department store and in the gowns of their mother, a former Miss New Zealand, an understanding of the concept of the transformative power of fashion was instilled early on. Coupled with a family heritage in fashion and design, the creation of a label was a natural progression with the label’s namesake being both a nod to their Great-Grandmother Florence, a designer and seamstress, alongside the fortitude shown by the women of her lineage. 

A strong sense of social and environmental responsibility stemming from what started as Masters in environmental and commercial law now underpins the brand’s ethos. With a weekly 24-hour e-boutique opening, limited edition items are made to order ethically in New Zealand not only aligning with historical family production methods but epitomising a luxe experience in good conscience. 

The use of dead stock and sustainable fabrics/trims, along with their unique production method and utilisation of fabric off cuts for accessories reflects the brands commitment to reducing waste and producing responsibly.

Continuing to build on their sustainability practices is at the forefront of the labels ethos with aims including to becoming circular, carbon neutral and having a completely transparent supply chain.

Join their journey. It’s just the beginning.