More Than a Namesake

Rooted in a personal family legacy of dressmaking and universal story of perseverance, the label takes its name from the family matriarch and great grandmother Florence and the fortitude shown by the women of her lineage.

Inspired by Florence’s practiced skill of garment making and belief of the transformative power of fashion, the personal values, style and strength of these women is the tapestry of life that serves as a constant inspiration to not only design and craftsmanship but the very identity that is Florence & Fortitude.

Sewn Into Every Seam

Designed with the intent to celebrate the fortitude and beauty of all women and the threads that connect us, each collection is an intergenerational amalgam of familial styles and unexpected elements brought together in perfect harmony.

With quality materials and meticulous form, fit and construction at the forefront, Florence & Fortitude are committed to being part of the change towards a more thoughtful and responsible fashion industry.

Made consciously with the aspiration to also be purchased consciously. Inspiring the heart to grow fonder for the fewer kept longer.

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Sisters & Designers

The Florence sisters, Elizabeth & Anna James, like the lineage of women before them, braved their own challenges both professionally, in their past lives in law, and personally through the unexpectedness of all that life brings.

Through it all, the one shared passion they both kept returning to was their love of dress, passed on through generations, always there with its full potential to uplift and inspire.

With a strong sense of environmental responsibility stemming from their environmental law backgrounds, Florence & Fortitude was a natural manifestation.

Together as sisters they are dedicated to not only create, but to create consciously and with purpose blending their past with their present adding a new chapter to Florence’s legacy.