Our Manufacturing

Rooted in a personal family legacy of dressmaking, sewn into every seam is a deep reverence and respect for all the hands, many steps and personal stories that bring about its creation.

Made To Order

There’s something in the wait and anticipation of something made expressly for you.

Inspired by the labels namesake and family matriarchs dressmaking ethos in the 19th Century, at the heart of Florence & Fortitude is the conscious commitment to return to a more thoughtful and responsible way of making clothes – and with this, the recognition of the loving labor that goes into each creation.

Made-to-Order producing only what is purchased, once an order is placed it is only then that our team begin the 3-5 week journey to lovingly create your piece adding a special sense of value and bespoke sensibility into each and every seam.

With regular email updates on its progress – from cutter, to whose making your piece, to what stage it’s at in the making process – you’ll know every step as it makes its way to you.

Created with intention and infused with the belief that the first step to sustainability is to reflect on what we choose to own with a consideration for how it’s made – it is our hope that we inspire the heart to grow fonder for the fewer kept longer making your Florence & Fortitude piece a treasured item in your wardrobe.

Contact us if you have any queries on how Made-to-Order works.

Small Batch Runs

Made consciously with the aspiration to also be purchased consciously.

Outside of our Made-to-Order pieces, we produce on a small batch run philosophy.

Driven by our intention to step away from the linear take-make-waste model of the fashion system, we choose to limit our production numbers for our In Stock ready-to-ship piece.

This means that we are not only able avoid the harmful environmental consequences of overproduction but that we can pay special attention to each and every piece keeping a bespoke sensibility in everything we make.

With limited stock however meaning limited availability, if a piece has sold out you can still purchase via the Made-to-Order option. Learn more about how Made-to-Order works here.

Made In New Zealand

Committed to Ethical Manufacturing

With a commitment to produce responsibly and in a way that will support our local community, every Florence & Fortitude piece is made in New Zealand.

Working directly with independent machinists and locally owned businesses, we are able to be present at all stages of the creation process. From cutters to machinists, we can easily and frequently visit our makers not only ensuring that the highest standard of workmanship is met but that it is done so in an ethical and transparent way.

Our Makers / every one of our makers is an integral part of the Florence & Fortitude team. Their skill, expertise, dedication and love for their craft is exceptional and can be felt in every piece.

Keen Cutters & HQ Cutters

Keen Cutters are an Auckland cutting company with over 30 years experience working with New Zealand designers. Owned and operated by Tony Keen, Florence & Fortitude has worked with Keen Cutters since the labels beginnings.

HQ Cutters are an Auckland based cutting company owned and operated by husband-and-wife duo Glenn and Sheila Davies. With nearly 40 years experience, HQ Cutters have worked with many New Zealand designers and take us from fusing to end cut.

Independent At Home Machinists

Independent, at home machinists are the central pillar of our production team.

Working with a team of women throughout Auckland, it is their incredible skill, passion and experience in the fashion industry that bring our designs to life.

Creating our Made-to-Order pieces as well as our small batch runs and sampling range, they are able to determine their own rates and hours with us. By being able to work directly with these machinists it ensures transparency and ethical treatment in the making of all our pieces - meaning we can confidently say ‘Who Made Your Clothes’.

Avenue Clothing

Avenue Clothing is a boutique manufacturer located in Auckland. Owned and run by Steven Greer, Avenue began as an at home sampling business and has since grown to become a leading manufacturer in New Zealand.

Experts at their craft with an impeccable understanding of construction and attention to detail, we have worked with them closely since the beginning of Florence & Fortitude on not only our Made-to-Order pieces, but our small batch runs and sampling range.