Zoom Rose Contour Face Mask
Zoom Rose Contour Face Mask
Zoom Rose Contour Face Mask

Rose Contour Face Mask

A reusable double layer non-medical grade face mask designed with coverage, fit and comfort in mind. 

Made ethically in New Zealand, the mask is 100% cotton, machine washable, features organic fabric, an internal filter pocket and adjustable ear and nose pieces making it an excellent sustainable non-medical grade face mask.

- Double layer mask                                   
- Built in filter pocket   
- GOTS certified organic cotton inner pocket layer to ensure that the mask is gentle on skin 
- Adjustable nose piece to ensure a firm fit
- Adjustable ear pieces                                
- Soft and comfortable     
- Machine washable 
- Dryer appropriate                        
- Reusable, sustainable and cost-effective 
- Made in New Zealand 

- Main: Outer Layer: 100% Cotton; Inner Layer: 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton
- Earpieces: 70% Polyester/30%  Spandex
- Toggle: 100% Silicone

XXS: 8.9cm (width from outer edge to centre mask) &  12.56cm (length down centre mask)
XS:  9.69cm (width from outer edge to centre mask) & 13.76cm (length down centre mask)
S: 10.49cm (width from outer edge to centre mask) & 14.96cm (length down centre mask)
M: 11.28cm (width from outer edge to centre mask) & 16.16cm (length down centre mask)
L: 12.07cm (width from outer edge to centre mask) & 17.37cm (length down centre mask)

Please note that all masks are FINAL SALE. No returns or exchanges.

SHIPS WITHIN 3 - 7 BUSINESS DAYS of purchase via tracked non signature delivery.

Please refer to applicable public health guidelines on safe use of face masks. Face masks should not be worn by young children, anyone unable to remove a face mask without assistance, or anyone who has trouble breathing. 

Please continue to follow all applicable public health guidelines including social distancing, hand hygiene and refraining from touching your face. 

The face mask is not a toy, and is not intended to be worn or used by young children. Toggles may present a choking hazard if detached from ear pieces. 

This face mask is designed for general use only. It is not a N95 mask or respirator, and is not a suitable replacement for medical-grade personal protective equipment. 

This face mask is not a medical device and is not intended for medical applications or therapeutic purposes. 

We provide no guarantee that wearing this face mask will eliminate the risk of infection or contracting a disease or illness. 

This face mask is not intended to replace other recommended measures to stop the spread of COVID-19, other diseases or illnesses.