Step By Step

"Life is too short to spend at war with yourself. Practice acceptance and forgiveness. Letting go of the past is your first step to happiness." - Google Search


21 Rare Olsen Twin Photos You've Probably Never Seen Before via @WhoWhatWear

Gold minimalist jewelry looks great when mixing delicate and chunky pieces.

Beaded back details from viktor & rolf couture aw2001

Just what I like to come home to after a hard days scrubbing. #morescrubbing #morebabes #morefun

The winter style survival kit: four things you need: Winter came around quicker than I expected, and I’m feeling unprepared.


Pink makeup

Models Of All Sizes Strip Down In The Name Of Body Diversity In Icelandic Glamour

Continue to love. Continue to forgive. Continue to grow." - Google Search

Lace Up Heels

Blackberry sage spritzers

Pics: Pinterest,,,,, Viktor & Rolf Couture AW 2001,,, The Chronicles of Her,,,,,,,, Icelandic Glamour photographed by Silja Magg,

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